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I still need to post an introduction, so here it goes.

I'm Phill, one of those designer/developer types. I quit my VC job a couple of years back to bootstrap my own business, The Not So Big Company (@updates).

I'm working on a fast and modern new mail client called Big Mail. The whole thing is written in Swift and SwiftUI, which has been an experience. 🤓

Launching very soon. In the meantime, enjoy some screenshots!

Evri saying “We’ve got your parcel” feels more like a threat than anything else

(I like Gruber and I understand his sentiment but the way I cackled at that punchline 😂)

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*highlights a thing that is ✨literally✨ happening now on the App Store*


Man I would save so much time if I just did things right the first time.

And for the record, I think some devs SHOULD be treated differently.

It makes sense for Apple to help Spotify have the best app possible because guess what: IT HELPS TO SELL IPHONES.

No one is buying a phone they can’t run apps on. Apple’s position of “be grateful” is just detached from reality at this point. Totally bizarre.

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Of course it’s kinda funny that even within a single press release they can’t make a coherent argument.

“Everyone is equal! Except for some select developers. And everyone loves the App Store! Except when we got so much ‘feedback’ we had to change it.”


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Guys I can’t see the “FedEx me an Apple Engineer” option in App Store Connect??

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Found this little baby in our garden. No microchip. No response to posters I put up. Shelter said they are full.

I guess I have a kitty now…?

Finally got around to watching The Curse finale…


no shade but i really like how they have every former apple designer under the sun working on this thing and these are the UI sounds humane came up with

@phill “it’s not much but it’s honest work”

My job?

I restart Xcode and Clean Builder Folder for a living.

: Stop using AppStorage directly. It’s prone to typos, value mismatches and more.

Instead give yourself strongly typed keys and associated defaults, à la EnvironmentValues.

I’ve published my implementation as a package, but you can just as easily wrap AppStorage yourself with a few dozen lines.

The whole thing made me paranoid; how could I have been compromised in such a catastrophic way?

Turns out (perhaps unsurprisingly) the weakest link in the chain was human. A fake ID was used inside a branch to gain access to my accounts. Additional checks that were supposed to be carried out, weren’t.

The bank issued the fraudsters with a new card and PIN number. And that was it. They had everything they needed.

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