I still need to post an introduction, so here it goes.

I'm Phill, one of those designer/developer types. I quit my VC job a couple of years back to bootstrap my own business, The Not So Big Company (@updates).

I'm working on a fast and modern new mail client called Big Mail. The whole thing is written in Swift and SwiftUI, which has been an experience. 🤓

Launching very soon. In the meantime, enjoy some screenshots!

@updates @phill welcome! Looking forward to trying out Big Mail 😊

@phill @updates Big Mail has some of the best modern Mac UI design I've seen in recent years, it's obvious how much thought y'all have put in to it. :)

@phill I somehow missed that Big Mail 2 update news I'm glad you're going to that direction I had very high hopes for Big Mail but it was a frustrating experience to be honest but I really wanted to love it so I'm here hoping that version 2 does that. Best of luck.

@phill what I see (one of those designer types):

Big Mail = Apple Mail + Reminders + Evernote + Dropbox fonts.


@phill @updates can’t wait 🔥Is there iPhone 📱 app or only for Mac 💻

@phill @updates looks good but why is it called Big Mail X instead of just Big Mail?

@phill Nice to see you here Philip 😇 Big Mail 2 sounds promising! I enjoyed testing Big Mail and bouncing feedback your way. In the end it didn’t really work for me, but 2 might hit the spot! Time will tell! Good luck ☕️👨🏼‍💻

@phill @updates Wow, very cool. Looking forward to trying out the new Big Mail!

@phill looks really nice! I’m curious - what motivated you to build a desktop email client?

@phill Please don‘t understand my question in a good way. What is your intention to write „another“ email client? What problem will you solve, that other email clients didn‘t solve yet?
And technically: will it have S/MIME and PGP support ?

@phill It looks so good! I miss using Big Mail – nothing else on any platform has even started to come close, including the big names.

@gadgetero @updates still on ice for now (you can run the iPad app on M1 Mac, but I know it's not quite the same).

@phill This is going to solve all of my iOS email problems. I’m so, so excited.

@phill @updates will be possible to import my custom mailboxes from the Mac OS

@mrgkeys if they are synced with your mail provider via IMAP, then yes.

@phill @updates looking forward for big mail 2 :) meanwhile, could you make big mail 1 available in the App Store in Brazil?

@georgeguimaraes Glad you’re looking forward to it! BM1 is now discontinued.

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