🏁 And they’re gone!

Just miss out? You don’t have to wait long.

🎟️ More dropping tomorrow 10:00 BST

@updates I was on the Accept screen and it kept giving me an error..

@joshuabryant sorry Joshua! Do you know what the error was? As a tip make sure you're on the latest iOS!

@updates just a general “can’t accept app at this time.” I can’t remember the exact phrase. Nothing helpful as per usual with Apple error messages. I’m on iOS 17 beta 3.

@joshuabryant hmm could be an iOS 17 beta thing unfortunately. Please try again next time on iOS 16 🤞

@updates @JeroenSchaper tried right on the dot, got an error when clicking Accept, tried again, full 😩

@kleypack @JeroenSchaper Sorry Michael! What was the error you were getting? As a tip make sure you're on the latest iOS release and that TestFlight is up to date.

More tomorrow at 10:00 BST!

@updates ah yeah, realising now it could be because I'm on the iOS 17 beta... 😅 but the error said “TestFlight unavailable, please try again later”

@kleypack hmm could be an iOS 17 beta thing unfortunately. Please try again next time on iOS 16 🤞

@updates I was there right on time and it is already full again?

@updates Wow, gone in less than a minute. Someone’s quite popular, huh? I’ll just be sitting over here waiting patiently for the release… 🥹

@updates oh, yeah I got it. I just don’t check email all the time. Ok, thanks.

@updates Really disappointed in this rollout. As someone who has been in regular contact for months about BigMail 2, and was assured I'd be included once the beta is released, it's incredibly frustrating to see the testing slots just randomly opened up on a first come, first serve basis. Especially for those of us in significantly different time zones.

@sean Hey Sean, really sorry you're disappointed about the TestFlight. We've been doing drops at different times for this exact reason, but we know we haven't covered all timezones just yet. We considered a queue like last time, but people were frustrated with how long they were waiting. It's a tricky balance and we're doing our best to expand as quickly as possible, so thanks for your patience 💌

@sean @updates
I agree. I was super interested and super encouraging. But like, c’mon. You’re asking for beta testers for an app. And people are supposed to go desperately running to eat the scraps you dangle one of two seconds?

I’ve just lost interest.

@santim I'm certainly not asking anyone to do anything they don't want to do. I'm flattered and grateful that so many people are interested. But there is a limit to how many people I can manage right now. Last time was a queue and people became frustrated with that too. I'm going as fast I can. No one wants this app out more than I do.

@updates any idea when a working non beta will be released? I’ve grown tired of this cat and mouse game of desperately wanting to get even a minimal chance of downloading the app. It’s a bit much.

@alex sorry Alex, demand is extremely high. More dropping tomorrow though, so hang tight! 💌

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