🏁 And they’re gone!

Just miss out? You don’t have to wait long.

🎟️ More dropping tomorrow 10:00 BST

@updates Really disappointed in this rollout. As someone who has been in regular contact for months about BigMail 2, and was assured I'd be included once the beta is released, it's incredibly frustrating to see the testing slots just randomly opened up on a first come, first serve basis. Especially for those of us in significantly different time zones.


@sean Hey Sean, really sorry you're disappointed about the TestFlight. We've been doing drops at different times for this exact reason, but we know we haven't covered all timezones just yet. We considered a queue like last time, but people were frustrated with how long they were waiting. It's a tricky balance and we're doing our best to expand as quickly as possible, so thanks for your patience 💌

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