Apologies for the slowdown in new beta builds/invites. I bit off way more than I could chew redoing the editor + iPad support 😅

That said I’m really pleased with how the new editor has turned out. I've added rich text formatting, inline attachments and document scanning.

New build coming soon 💌

I wrongly assumed the format panel used in Mail was a system control like it is on macOS; but alas it isn't!

It ended up being a lot of fun recreating it, including the silly stretching/rubber-banding when you pull it.

@phill if you fancy open sourcing it, I could use it in the example app for Lexical?

@phill Awesome. Did you decide whether to split into smaller packages in the end? (That may affect whether I’d copy the code into our repo vs add a package dependency…)

@phill What do you use to edit your video demo with that zoom animation?

@phill Sleek, as always! It looks obvious so it probably wasn't 😃

@phill also, out of interest, is supporting interactive checkboxes (I know not something relevant to an email) something you are able to pull off?

@bardi à la It’s not something I’ve looked at, but I bet you could do it with NSTextAttachment or WKWebView.

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