@ffScala @dominic do not fear, we are full steam ahead behind the scenes.

As my mum always said: "Don't say something until you have something to say” 💌

@pjol@hejdu.lol thanks for the feedback and apologies for any misunderstanding; we'll look at updating the copy on the website.

Big Mail 1.0 notifications originally used background fetch and we received *lot* of messages from frustrated people because of it (why are they not working, why do I receive them at random times, etc).

We're open to feedback and we'll see how things go. 💌

@pjol@hejdu.lol glad you're enjoying Big Mail so far!

You're right that notification require a Big Mail Online account (as they're push). We explored background refresh extensively but unfortunately the experience is extremely poor (and rather confusing to explain).

If you have any specific reservations about making a BMO account I'd love to try and address them! 💌

@shauny Hey, glad you've discovered Big News!

Whilst there isn't a way yet to mute topics, you can flip it around and pin topics instead. Just tap the ellipsis > Pin Topic 📍

@sean Hey Sean, really sorry you're disappointed about the TestFlight. We've been doing drops at different times for this exact reason, but we know we haven't covered all timezones just yet. We considered a queue like last time, but people were frustrated with how long they were waiting. It's a tricky balance and we're doing our best to expand as quickly as possible, so thanks for your patience 💌

@Qiu looks like there may have been an issue syncing a particular message. If you can recreate the error and share debug logs (App Settings > Help > Share Debug) then pop us a message we can take a look and get it sorted 👍

@Qiu if you have push enabled, it’s real-time.

If not, Big Mail will check every 5 minutes once you open the app. You can also pull to refresh manually.

@EshuMarneedi we hope you like it! Let us know if you need a hand with anything 🫡

@SENTINELITE we're glad you made it! Can't wait to hear what you think. Let us know if you need a hand with anything :)

Finally got into the @updates #Beta!!!

Staying up & refreshing it like it was a hot new product launch was worth it! 👀

@alex sorry Alex, demand is extremely high. More dropping tomorrow though, so hang tight! 💌

@kleypack hmm could be an iOS 17 beta thing unfortunately. Please try again next time on iOS 16 🤞

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