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NavigationStack loses its navigation bar on iPad when returning from the background, making it impossible to go back or do anything. iOS 16 and 17.


Something that tripped me up recently was not understanding how .onAppear { } behaves on iPad.

It gets called multiple times, even though the view is not visible.

Why? Logging reveals the size class is also changing, so presumably iOS is taking snapshots for the app switcher.

If like me you rely onAppear to denote a user has seen something (say, Mark as Read), you'll need to check the scenePhase first.

Here's a gist:

It’s hard to believe that I’m from a generation that paid for ringtones when should this stupid glass rectangle make a single noise now, I’d smash it to bits.

Here’s one weird trick Apple DON'T want you to know:

If you present a confirmation dialogue from a swipeAction or contextMenu nothing will happen as the view is removed before the dialogue is presented. Annoying, but it makes sense.

Instead, delegate the confirmation to the environment. Now the Button isn't responsible for the presentation and you're left with a nice clean call site.

Here's my implementation with an example:

Introducing Obscura 4

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Download it now:

Some interesting differences about List on Mac:

1️⃣ Swipe Actions are eagerly loaded. On iOS these are lazily loaded.

2️⃣ List immediately buffers ~300 cell bodies. On iOS it's about 10.

3️⃣ Cells don't respond to isFocussed, whereas on iOS they do.

4️⃣ “Select All” will immediately buffer all cells and lock up your app.

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i’m pleased to report you can make the iPhone simulator gay now

Man, NavigationSplitView is *still* broken in iOS 17 beta 7.

I reported back in May (FB12178616) that when in compact mode transitions become sporadic and stop working. This code is verbatim from Apple’s docs and it doesn't work.

This broke back in iOS 16.2. It seems nuts to me something so significant can stay broken for this long (and on a relatively new API?!)

This doesn't seem that intuitive at first, but if you think about it, how would SwiftUI anticipate what action will be performed on your model?

In iOS 17 the animation has been improved considerably if you don't explicitly set the role, but for best results you still need to set it.

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I recently got downvoted into oblivion for explaining why someone's List animation was glitching, perhaps because the solution is so simple it seems stupid.

On the left is swipeAction with a Button. On the right is the exact same Button, but now the animation is smooth.

The difference? I set the Button's role to destructive. SwiftUI uses the role to infer what animation to use.

live scenes of me keeping all size classes and platforms working from a single target

As of beta 6 it seems to be reporting the wrong value if more than one row is selected on iPad.

I've filed a feedback for any Apple folk who see this 👉 FB13014204

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Happy to see iOS 17 now gives our views a way to respond to the List selection style.

By reading the backgroundProminence value in the environment our custom controls, say an unread indicator, can adjust their tint as not to be occluded by the background:

Blahhh, it also looks like toolbar customisations are reset when the view identity changes. It works on iPad so I’m not sure if it's intentional (plus seems like it would defeat the purpose of specifying a toolbar identifier?)

No customisation on the Mac for now then 😢

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