New SwiftUI package drop!

📦📖 BigUIPaging

PageView is a flexible container for creating paged interfaces.

Unlike TabView:
- Pages can be decided 'in flight’, ideal for large datasets
- Works across iOS and macOS
- Handles complicated view hierarchies more consistently
- Allows for totally custom styles and interactions

Also included is PageIndicator with support for the new iOS 17 progress timer.


Certain styles such as .scroll and .historyStack bridge directly to UIPageViewController and NSViewController respectively, so you get all those great native behaviours.

But you can also adopt PageViewStyle to create completely custom transitions, like the 3D deck of cards in Messages.

Checkout the docs to see how:

This is the first of many packages from Big Mail and Big News that I’ll be open sourcing over the coming weeks.

It’s also my first time open sourcing anything this big, so feedback whilst I get the hang of things is appreciated!

@phill I just saw your app appear in my home feed and I thought it was Yandex Mail. 🙊

The logos aren’t too similar, but maybe the colour scheme is. 🎨

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