Smart meets fast.

Reconnect with the all-new Big Mail.


🧵 Here's a quick look at some of our favourite new features...

1️⃣ Smartboxes

They’re like playlists for emails. Stack live filters to group related messages together.

Great for projects, or just keeping tabs on your deliveries.

2️⃣ Layouts

Not all emails are equal, so why read them all in the same way?

Browse your newsletters with "Timeline" or skim purchases with "Gallery".

Customise each layout however you like.

3️⃣ Labels

Big Mail has full support for Gmail labels, just like on the web. And it even extends support to providers without them.

Plus, SmartLabels bring automatic on-device labelling of Conversations, Newsletters and more.


4️⃣ AutoReply

Stuck on how to phrase a reply? Big Mail can draft entire emails for you. Steer it with a prompt, or let it go full-on Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.

You can even choose a personality for it...💅

5️⃣ Message Notes

Ever found yourself reading a message and wishing you could jot down a quick note?

With Big Mail, you can literally stick a note to it.

These are just a handful of the many new features you can find in the totally reimagined Big Mail.

📅📲 Big Mail will debut on the App Store later this year, and we’ll be releasing TestFlight invites next week.

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@updates Can't wait to test this, as Spark takes all the wrong turns… :)

@updates can’t wait to check the beta and review it later, my readers / listeners are ready for the new Sparrow for YEARS… and most of them hate gmail (we have a big Fastmail community, including myself) so Mimestream is a no go anyway.

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